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Hi. My name is Johan. I’m a hobby card and board game designer. I’ve been making games for as long as I can remember but only recently did I turn one into a professionally printed product. I sell these game online via an american print-on-demand manufacturer called The Game Crafter (they’re awesome), as well as directly here on Strackspel.se from my own storage in Sweden.

The first game from Sträckspelsfabriken was Highest Bidder (English) ( Högsta Budet in Swedish – I have loads more coming up! This is my passion. This is what I love.

Thank you for stopping by and showing your support 🙂

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    • Strackspel.se

      That’s a great question! ? The website is still very much alive and frequently updated with new games. The blog, however, is not. Visit the home page to browse games and don’t be afraid to reach out using the contact page. I’m still making and publishing games and am glad to see you here ?

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