Tribal Hunt is a brutal two player card game in which you take turns playing as the Hunter and the Mammoth.

As the Hunter you're trying to kill the mighty Mammoth so your village lives to see another day. As the Mammoth you're lashing out and charging at the Hunter in attempts to avoid spears and potentially strike down and kill your attacker.

Increase and decrease distance with an innovative system.

The Mammoth can advance toward the Hunter. The Hunter can back away from the Mammoth to keep a safe distance. As the distance changes — which in turn affects the outcome of certain cards — wooden Distance Cubes are added or taken away accordingly. These represent the empty spaces between the Hunter and the Mammoth and are color coded for visual aid. There's no need for a game board.

Activate Tribe Cards from your village to obtain special abilities.

 Enjoy basic abilities that affect distance, aim and card outcomes as well as more advanced abilities that require thinking and planning. Win a round and your active Tribe Card is returned to your village — your village lives to see another day. But lose the round and you must discard your Tribe Card — your village slowly gives in to starvation.

The player to keep their village alive the longest wins.


An introduction to the game.




Hunter, Mammoth, Tribe...


As the Hunter you will be throwing spears in attempts to hit and kill the mighty Mammoth. You can throw these at one of three height levels: high, middle or low.

There's a limit to the distance you can throw but you also don't want to get too close to the massive beast. "Back up"-cards allow you to stay safe, but back up too far and the Mammoth will stack up points as your spears miss their target.

Whether a throw is a hit or miss depends on the distance as well as the combination of Hunter Cards and Mammoth Cards played.


The Mammoth is a mighty beast, and boy is she mad! As the Mammoth you'll play cards that indicate the position of the beast: standing still, advancing towards the Hunter, charging, lashing out, rearing or shielding with your tusks.

Based on the height level of spears thrown and the current stance of the Mammoth the throw will count as a hit (scoring a point to the Hunter) or a miss (scoring a point to the Mammoth).

The player to score the most points wins the hunt and gets to keep their active Tribe Card for another round.


You'll start the game with seven Tribe Cards in your village, each with a unique ability. "Spiritual Sacrifice", "Survive On Berries", "Hasty Retreat" and "Frozen With Fear" are examples of Tribe Cards.

No two are the same and a lot of the fun of Tribal Hunt lies in how Tribe Cards interact with one another. You'll activate one each round after you have seen what cards you have been dealt – adapt your strategy accordingly.

One village will eventually die out. You must be the player to survive the longest to be declared the winner of Tribal Hunt.

30 min

Approximate Play Time


Number of Players


Recommended Age


Hunter & Mammoth Cards


Unique Tribe Cards


Wooden Distance Cubes



Tribal Hunt features custom artwork by Sonja Poon.

From the characters to the imaginative backgrounds, the artwork of Tribal Hunt has been created by Canadian artist Sonja Poon specifically for the game.


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The lovely artwork of Tribal Hunt was created by Canadian artist Sonja Poon and is available on a range of products, including posters, phone cases, t-shirts and more. The adorable mammoth is great in for example a kid's room or playful home. Show your love and support for the game by getting any of these wonderful products.


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You can imagine the time, effort and money put into Tribal Hunt — editing the game, writing and proof reading the details of the rule book, designing all the cards and game box, setting up this website, not to mention the countless hours of test playing. From the moment I seriously start focusing on an idea it takes months for a game like this to be ready and published.

I do all of this because I love and enjoy it, at a financial cost that's far greater than what I can ever hope to get back. But if you're here, reading this, it must mean that you have at least a slight interest in what I do.

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