RACE, RACE, RACE is a 2-4 player casual card game that packs a surprising level of depth and decision-making. Easy to learn, tricky to master, and with lots of laughs guaranteed!

Welcome to the race track! You are a race car driver touring the world to win trophies in a global championship. Across 4 rounds and 11 races* you must place secret bids on cards at the center of the table, by playing a stack of cards face down from your hand. This is your "bid pile".

As players take turns revealing one card at a time from their bid piles, hilarious situations arise when cards begin to interact with one another in unexpected ways. Will you be the fastest driver and win the race?

*The ULTIMATE DRIVER expansion adds 3 more Track Cards, for 5 rounds and 14 races.

Players: 2-4
Time: 20 min
Age: 12+




In Race, Race, Race you are faced with 3 new races (Track Cards) each round. Using 9 Driver Cards in your hand, you must sort cards in the order you wish to play them, then announce "Ready to race!" when you have decided on your strategy for the next race. When everyone is ready, the dealer counts down: "3, 2, 1, Race!"

On "Race", you must play 1 or more cards face down in a stack, known as your "bid pile". Next, cards are revealed one at a time around the table. Once your race strategy has been set it cannot be changed as you cannot rearrange cards in a placed bid.


Numbered Speed Cards add to the current value of your bid – the most speed once all cards are revealed determines who wins the race! Text-based Power Cards take effect when they are revealed.

The game has a deep level of decision-making as the placement of cards and the interaction of power cards between players can greatly affect the outcome of a race. In other words, the order in which you have placed cards within your bid pile is crucial!


Score keeping is easy in Race, Race, Race. Simply keep the cards that you win face up in front of you!

For an enhanced experience, however, the ULTIMATE DRIVER expansion of the game includes optional Score Boards. Track your score and see the scores of all players at a glance by moving a cube across the board.

The Score Boards also add a new game element: Boosts! Learn more about Boosts and the ULTIMATE DRIVER expansion below.


The Track Cards represent 14 unique real-life race tracks. Tracks include:

  • Hockenheimring (Germany)
  • Laguna Seca (USA)
  • Mount Panorama Circuit (Australia)
  • Monza (Italy)
  • Suzuka (Japan)
  • Spa-fransorchamps (Belgium)
  • Silverstone (United Kingdom)
  • Interlagos (Brazil)
  • Circuit de Monaco (Monaco)
  • Circuit de la Sarthe (France)
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway (USA)

ULTIMATE DRIVER expansion tracks:

  • Circuit Zanovoort (Netherlands)
  • Red Bull Ring (Austria)
  • Jyllandsringen (Denmark)



Race, Race, Race was designed for the ProtoATL contest hosted on The Game Crafter. Rules of the contest included a cost of max $20 and a play time of 20 minutes.

All games by Sträckspelsfabriken are printed and sold by The Game Crafter, a US-based print-on-demand site for indie game creators. They're pretty great, because it makes it possible for people to create great products without having to print hundreds of copies that might never get sold. And, they have low-cost worldwide shipping!

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The ULTIMATE DRIVER expansion to Race, Race, Race introduces several new layers of strategy and decision-making to your game. It includes score boards, tokens, additional cards, a printed strategy guide and a box large enough to fit all components, new and old.


  • Copy Effect – Copies the effect of the most recently reveal Power Card among all players.
  • Random Card x2 – Draw 2 cards from the draw pile and choose 1. Discard the other.
  • Speed Boost – Double the value of your most recently revealed Speed Card.
  • Steal – Take the top card of the bid pile of an opponent and place it at the bottom of your own.

The ULTIMATE DRIVER expansion also adds more Speed Cards – including a high 60 – to maintain balance between the number of Speed Cards and Power Cards in the deck.


Score keeping in Race, Race, Race is easy – simply keep the cards you win face up in front of you, and turn them 90 degrees sideways or 180 degrees upside down to indicate half points and double points. But to make it easier to see the scores of all players at a glance, these individual Score Boards help you track scores by moving a cube across the board.


Start the game with 4 unique Boosts – each can be used only once!

  • Draw 1: Draw an additional card to your hand. Use this Boost ahead of a very valuable race.
  • Final Push: After all players have revealed all cards in a race, draw 1 final card to add to your bid.
  • Skip a Race: Play 0 cards on a race, to save all your cards for a future race.
  • Unique Boosts for each Score Board: The 4 Score Boards feature a 4th Boost that is unique to each board. These Boosts include saving cards for the next round, discarding cards from other player's hands, and more.


When you win a race you get to pick 1 token. There are 4 types of tokens and 4 copies of each:

  • Speed Boost: Start the next race with a free speed boost! The value of the boost decreases with each time someone picks this token.
  • +1 Card: Be dealt an extra card ahead of the next round.
  • +1 Point: Score an additional point – while not a lot, it's common that games end with only a single point making all the difference!
  • +1 Boost: Return a used Boost Cube to your Score Board, to use the boost again.


Extend the length of the game by 1 round and 3 races with these additional Track Cards. Includes real-life race tracks from Denmark, Austria and The Netherlands.


Race, Race, Race packs a surprising level of strategy – there are no truly "bad hands", and each decision matters.

You can download the free strategy guide right now to improve the way you play. In the ULTIMATE DRIVER edition, the guide is included as a printed booklet.