In Highest Bidder players place secret bids to score points. Cards are worth 1-7 points and there are 14 cards in a game, and in combination with the "Double Points" Effect Cards points can really add up. The absolute maximum — and really utterly impossible to achieve — is 149 points. If you're curious about the complexity of high scores in Highest Bidder, check out this blog post on the subject.

Highest Bidder is quite a competitive game, and if you've played it you're likely to have a few funny stories and personal high scores. Take part in the community by attempting to beat the below records and submitting your own scores for a spot in the leaderboards. It does not matter if you're playing the original version or Highest Bidder: Art Auction as the score possibilities are the same.



Current High Scores:

  • 2-player game: Johan, 66 points.
  • 3-player game: Magnus, 58 points. Magnus scored 28 points in the very first round by playing two X2-cards.
  • 4-player game: Robert, 62.5 points. Robert was actually the last player with only 6.5 points, but scored 56 points during the last round by using two X2-cards.
  • 5-player game: Unknown



Whether it's Highest Bidder or Highest Bidder: Art Auction, submit a high score below by naming the player and giving a brief account of the very last round as social proof of the score:

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