Highest Bidder: Art Auction is a card game for 2-5 players in which players place secret bids on a number of paintings. Your strategy can play out satisfyingly well, or go utterly, hilariously wrong as cards interact with one another. Participate in this give-away to get your hands on your own copy!

In the card game, players simultaneously play 1-7 cards from their hand, face down in front of them. These are a combination of Cash Cards that add to your total bid ($10,000-$70,000), and text-based Effect Cards such as “Draw a random card” and “Next card to be revealed by an opponent is invalid”. Cards are then revealed one at a time and whoever ends up with the highest bid scores the current painting.

The order of placed bids cannot be changed — you never know in advance how many cards the other players will bid, nor what cards lurk inside them.

In this give-away, you are presented with four hands of cards from the game. Pick one of the four to enter the contest. On Wednesday, June 14th, a video will be posted in which the hands are revealed one card at a time, in the same fashion they would in the real life card game. One of the four hands will be victorious — can you guess which one?

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Thank you for participating!

You’ll be notified by e-mail once a winner has been drawn.

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The small print:

  • Only one entry per person.
  • The winner will be drawn at random from the pool of participants who selected the winning hand.
  • The prize — a copy of the card game Highest Bidder: Art Auction — can be shipped anywhere in North America, Europe, Australia, and most of Asia, South America and Africa. Anyone may enter, but we reserve the right to exclude shipping to certain countries depending on shipping costs.
  • Import taxes may apply.