The most romantic installment of the Highest Bidder card game series.

Highest Bidder: Valentine's Day is an adorable, romance-themed edition of the Highest Bidder card game series. Battle it out in a hilarious 2-5 player card game, suitable for families, friends and couples in love.

Title: Highest Bidder: Valentine's Day
Players: 2-5 // Time: 30 min // Age: 10+

Earn your Hearts by spreading Kisses

In Highest Bidder: Valentine's Day your goal is to collect as many hearts as possible, using kisses in your hand to place secret bids. Without knowing how your opponents will bid, sort the cards in your hand in the order you wish to play them. At the count of three, all players simultaneously place down their selected cards, face down in individual piles. Cards are then revealed one at a time for some hilarious, laugh-out-loud moments when things go wonderfully to plan or utterly, horribly wrong.

Steal a Kiss

Kisses are mixed with strategic "Effect Cards" that have you bend the rules. Steal kisses from your loved ones, double the number of hearts available, draw cards at random, break each other's hearts, and much more! The possibilities are endless and the unforeseen events that unfold as cards are reveal and interact with one another are out right hilarious.

Valentine's Day is a game with same sex and mixed race couples, celebrating love everywhere.

Avoid the Broken Heart

Brand new to the Highest Bidder game series is the Broken Heart, a special card that moves between players depending on events in the game. You do not want to be the player with the Broken Heart in front of you. If you do have it in front of you when you win a bid, the value of the card you won is cut in half.

The "Broken Heart" card replaces the "Half Points" effect card found in all other editions of the game series.


Don't just take my word for it:

"Highest Bidder is an intriguing game. It creates some entertaining and tense moments."


"Lot's of fun! If there's something I didn't like about the game... No, there really isn't!"



"Great game! Easy and fast to learn with high entertainment factor. Can only recommend it!"

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"Quick, fun, different game where things can change quickly. I really enjoyed the variability in play."


"I played this game at a party. The rules were easy and it's a perfect game to bring to events to lighten the mood."

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"Fun to look at, fun to play, easy to introduce to people."



A game for every occasion:

The Highest Bidder series of games has become known for its nail-biting decision-making and hilarious outcomes. The simplicity of the game makes it perfect for families while the strategic elements and social aspects make it a great addition to any party. Casual and hard-core card and board gamers alike will enjoy the complexity and depth. That's why you can get the game in a number of different themed versions, each with a few unique cards and rule tweaks.

Which one is your favorite?


Play Bid Cards from your hand to win point-scoring cards at the center of the table. Bids are placed face down and played cards cannot be changed — hilarious situations arise as players begin to reveal one card at a time around the table. Lots of laugh-out-loud moments guaranteed as cards interact in unexpected ways.


Art Auction is the most complete version of Highest Bidder. It includes all the cards of the base game along with separate "advanced cards", a second rule book introducing the new cards, and lots of room for customization. Pick and choose from all the available components to create the game that best fits your group of players.


Oh no, hungry sharks are lurking in the water and the adorable seals are frightened! In the cutest edition of Highest Bidder ever you must save the seals before it's too late. Stands out from the other editions as it includes no less than five Shark Cards that score negative points — avoid at all cost!


Celebrate Christmas with a hilarious, Christmas-themed card game that's suitable for the whole family. Christmas Spirit includes all the good stuff from the original Highest Bidder as well as the best of the advanced bonus cards from Highest Bidder: Art Auction. Watch out for the all-new Evil Elf!


Celebrate love with this super-cute edition of Highest Bidder. Bid using Kisses to score Hearts — the player with the most hearts wins! Includes all the cards from the original Highest Bidder plus a few advanced cards from Art Auction. Also includes the all-new Broken Heart, a card that moves between players as the game progresses.


As a porn movie director you're looking for the ultimate ensemble for your next project. Bid among a selection of 14 unique characters designed specifically for the game — 7 male, 7 female, aged 18-64 and from a wide range of national and ethnic backgrunds. Be the director to amass the most Star Quality to win the game.

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