Kingdoms is a 3-5 player card game based on the classic game "Sevens". Play cards in descending order from 7 to 1, and ascending order from 8 to 13. Each cards has an ability. Collect coins, pay taxes, avoid the Plague and help your Kingdom prosper.

Kingdoms is a modern take on the classic card game "Sevens". The game is played with a unique deck and adds game mechanics such as coins, taxes, Prosperity Cards and the dreaded Plague.

Title: Kingdoms
Players: 3-5 // Time: 15-90 min // Age: 10+



There are four Kingdoms in the game (suits) with cards ranging from 1 to 13. Each cards has a text-based ability that happens when you play the card. The Kingdoms are:

Kingdom of Dragons (orange)
Kingdom of Pixies (purple)
Kingdom of Seafarers (blue)
Kingdom of Animals (green)

Before a card can be played the number that comes before it must be played first. The objective of a round is to get rid of all of the cards in your hand, and the objective of the game is to be the player with the most coins at the end.


You start with 20 coins and must pay 1 coin in tax to your Kingdom at the start of each new round. Play the "Tax Collector" (number 11) to collect all taxes currently on that Kingdom. Coins are also paid to or collected from the bank when you play certain cards.

When a round ends you must also pay a cost for each card still in your hand, as indicated on the cards. In general, mid-ranged cards are best because they are easier to get rid of and cost less.

The Plague

If at any time you are unable to play a card you must take the Plague as a terrible decease sweeps your Kingdom. Whoever has the Plague at the end of a round pays and additional penalty of 3 coins.


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