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Sträckspelsfabriken is a Swedish card game company. Here, things are done just a little bit differently. Working with very low volumes there's no fancy shop. Other than a little help from friends and family there's just one staff member – me.

My games are typically casual card games. Most are published in English, some in Swedish, and are sold as print-on-demand via American manufacturer The Game Crafter. TGC are pretty awesome, making it possible for hobby game creators like myself to produce great looking games. And they ship worldwide!

There are currently two game series released by Sträckspelsfabriken: Highest Bidder and Triangles. Scroll down to learn more about the games.





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Game Series: Highest Bidder

The first game from Sträckspelsfabriken received great reviews upon its release. Combining a bidding mechanism with strategy it's a fun game with a lot of decision-making involved. Bids are placed blind face down in piles. Cards are then revealed one at the time, and depending on what cards your opponents have played your plan might not work out as intended, causing some hilarious moments.

Highest Bidder exists in two editions: the original, featuring colorful abstract cards, and Highest Bidder: Art Auction, featuring amazing artwork by Swedish artist Pernilla Lindgren as well as a number of additional cards for advanced play.


Game Series: Triangles

Triangles is a series of playing cards designed by Sträckspelsfabriken. Like traditional playing cards you can play any number of games with a Triangles deck (each box comes with printed rules for two games), but instead of 52 cards there are 90 of them. 81 cards represent 1/3 a piece of a triangle and 9 cards are whole triangles that function as jokers in some game.

There are currently three unique decks of Triangles cards. Any Triangles game can be played with any of the decks, but they are beautifully different in theme and design and each comes with printed rules for a new game not found in the other two boxes. It's a collectible item and great as a gift.


"Great game! Easy and fast to learn with a high entertainment factor. Can only recommend it!"

– Player on

"Highest Bidder is an intriguing game. It creates some entertaining and tense moments."


"I played this game at a party. The rules were easy and it's a perfect game to bring to events to lighten the mood."

– Player on

"Quick, fun, different game where things can change quickly. I really enjoyed the variability in play."


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All games produced by Sträckspelsfabriken are invented, designed and play tested by myself. The latter is of course done thoroughly with the help of others, but there's no big brand or team behind the process.

The games are printed on-demand in America by a manufacturing company called The Game Crafter, and sold via their online shop. They're pretty awesome! Great quality, good service and a lot of flexibility for game creators such as myself — a copy is printed every time someone orders so there's no need for a storage facility, and recently they lowered their international shipping costs significantly! Joy! 😀

Highest Bidder (original)


The base game of Highest Bidder, the fun auction-style bidding game.

Triangles: Original


The original deck of Triangles playing cards, with printed rules for two games.

Highest Bidder: Art Auction


New cards, exclusive artwork, better quality.


Games that are

Triangles: Oceans


A stunning Triangles deck with a collectible card inside.

Triangles: Beetles


An exclusive Triangles deck with artwork by Dominic Vonbern.


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As a tiny game creator in a crazy crowded market, hitting it big is near impossible. That's why I work on social media and rely on word-of-mouth. I sell my games as print-on-demand in low volumes. I'd like to think my games are awesome, and I believe you will feel the same.

Please support me and what I do by purchasing my games. Follow my Instagram account and like Sträckspelsfabriken on Facebook (don't worry, most posts are in English). Use #strackspel and the individual hashtags for each game. Post photos, videos and status updates about that awesome game you just played. This is my hobby and passion. Thank you for being part of it!


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Artists, look here!

I admit it, I suck at art. At the moment I work in various apps and Photoshop to produce the artwork for my games, but for future games I definitely need some assistance.

If you're an artist, get in touch! While I can't pay you the way larger game companies can, we can produce something beautiful together – maybe even inspired by your art – and of course you'll get a supply of the game we make together 🙂 Instagram Feed:

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